So I’m like a kid in a sweet shop and already used the lovely FM Cosmetics provided by Debbie Michelle Morris on facebook.


Firstly the nail lacquer …. This comes in a 10 ml nail polish size. My colour used is the ‘Hot Red‘ and it certainly is that lol. Its a really lovely bright red that has the most amazing shine to it. It Also seemed to dry within minutes which is a massive bonus as most products claim to dry in so many seconds then by the time you’ve started doing something it’s smudged. I found an extra bonus in the quick drying was that my little girl could have a mini manicure too so she was mega excited! Product claims to have keratin to keep nails strong and also ‘long wear‘ so I will keep an eye out for chips or wear as the days progress and keep you all posted. ** update** it lasted around a week with no chips! 💅

Secondly the FM Cosmetics volume designer mascara … The box claims ‘spectacular volume / ideal separation / deep colour‘; I found all of these to be true. The colour is a brown to black so looks slightly more natural than jet black. The volume and separation I think the pictures speak for themselves!!! This has a thick normal brush application not a plastic brush for those whom that’s an important factor. Definite recommendation for everyday everyday usage


Last but not least FM Cosmetics provide a fragrance match service. You tell them a designer fragrance you like or normally use and they match it to their high street version for a fraction of the price. My choice was ‘Lady Million‘ and I must say they are on the ball! The smell is almost identical. I would highly recommend buying through the fragrance match service in future and using the extra pennies saved to buy more products … YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPONTED xoxo

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